BSc in Computer Science (University of Porto)

The bachelor has three years and includes:

This bachelor awards me with a first degree in Computer Science (C.S.) and confers solid foundations in Computer Engineering Sciences.

What do the colours mean?

Year 1

1st Semester
Name Credits
Single Variable Calculus 6
Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 6
Discrete Mathematics 6
Introduction to Computing 6
Procedural Programming with C 6
2nd Semester
Name Credits
Technical Communication with LaTeX 3
Functional Programming with Haskell 6
Multivariable Calculus 6
Formal Languages, Automata Theory and Models of Computation 6
Further Unix, Design of Software and Group Project 3
Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms with Java 6

Year 2

1st Semester
Name Credits
Formal Proof and Logic 6
Algorithm Design and Analysis 6
Probability and Statistics with R 6
Declarative and Logic Programming with Prolog 6
Computer Systems 6
2nd Semester
Name Credits
Operating System Design and Implementation 6
Databases 6
Intelligent Systems 6
Numerical Analysis 6
Simulation and Modelling 6

Year 3

1st Semester
Name Credits
Compilers 6
Networking and Communication 6
Programming Challenges 6
Systems Administration 6
Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction 6
2nd Semester
Name Credits
Decision Support Methods 6
Computability 6
Networks Administration 6
Automatic Control 6
Concurrent Programming 6

Specialization in Computer Science

Advanced topics in specification and verification, algorithms and intelligent systems. Special focus is given to:

1st Semester
Name Credits
Advanced Algorithms 6
Foundations of Programming Languages 6
Introduction to Data Science 6
Distributed Systems 6
Computer Vision 6
2nd Semester
Name Credits
Computer Security 6
Computer Complexity Theory 6
Graphics and Visual Computing 6
Implementation of Programming Languages 6
Hoare Logic and Model Checking 6

Supplementary training in Robotics, Systems and Control

1st Semester
Name Credits
Autonomous Robotic Systems 6
Electromagnetism and Waves 6
Intelligent Robotics Programming 6
Software and Computer Security Engineering 6
Signal and Systems 6
2nd Semester
Name Credits
Embedded Systems 6
Intelligent Systems II 6
Data Mining 6
Complex Networks Science 6

Formal Academic Research Year

Remaining modules on:

1st Semester
Name Credits
Management and Entrepreneurship 6
Complex Systems Theory 6
2nd Semester
Name Credits
Mechanics and Dynamical Systems 6
Mobile Robotics 7.5

Self Paced Studies (a.k.a.: sneaking into modules)

1st Semester
2nd Semester
Technical Drawing, CAD and Workshops
Fundamentals of Chemistry
Physics Laboratory I