I'm currently studying Computer Science at University of Porto's Faculty of Sciences. I'm passionate about Robotics, Physics and Electronics... other than C.S., obviously.


Fernando Pessoa, Wenqing Yan, Conan Doyle, Neil Gaiman, Elvis Presley, TSFH, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, U2, The Clash,... are some of the various artists I follow.
Some of my favorite fiction works are Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars, LoTR, Lost Universe, Slayers and Attack on Titan.


I play Tennis with some regularity and will probably look to start practicing Krav Maga and Street Workout next year.
In the queue of activities to explore are Drawing, Painting, Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, Harmonica, Chess, Theathre, Magic Tricks, Sculpture, Medieval Fencing, Dancing, Singing, Parkour and even Origami! Gasp! I should learn how to make time first! xD

What do you use?

I am frequently asked about which software I use to get my work done, I mostly rely on Libre Software. A Debian GNU/Linux with i3wm and VIM is all I need. You can learn more about my setup here.

Get in touch!

my_first_name @ fc.up.pt (Faculty of Sciences . University of Porto . Portugal)